Table Reservations and Food/Drink Policies

Want there to be a guaranteed table waiting for you when you arrive?

We always try to do our best and accommodate as many groups in the store as we can, but it is not always possible to host everyone all at once. If you want to make sure there is space set aside for you when you arrive we can make that happen! You will just need to pay $5/person in your party to reserve that space, the best part is that you get a portion of that money back as store credit when you show up for your reservation!

What happens if you cant show up for your reservation? Give us a call and we can reschedule it for a later date or save your credit for a future day. If you do not call and inform us you will not be coming in for your reservation within an hour of it beginning you will forfeit 50% of your reservation credit and the table will be given to any parties that are waiting that day.

Outside food and drink is allowed, but only if it can be stored in front of the players or in their play space. Customers are not allowed to spread out to other tables and set up catering services for their group on a separate table(s). Customers attempting to do so will be asked to leave and not return.

We have no problem reserving space for people who have planned ahead to game here, but we also have other customers to serve and rent to pay. So please, respect the store and all the hard work that goes into making it a comfortable and welcoming space to play and support us financially while you enjoy our space.We don't like having to enforce the rules or have awkward conversations with anyone, so help us avoid that by patronizing the place you're playing in.


Thank you for your support and if you have any questions about these policies email us at


The Haven Games