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The Weird by Monte Cook Games

The Weird by Monte Cook Games

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The Weird helps you make every encounter, adventure, and even campaign more engaging, memorable, and fun—no matter what game you’re playing.

An oracle that stands upon a floating fragment of the moon. A castle to be explored at the bottom of a mug of ale. A monstrous creature that feeds upon the ghosts of children. Roses that grow where the tears of a queen fall. A sword that inflicts wounds that scream. A gun that fires intelligent bullets.

From interesting to surprising to over-the-top gonzo—and even whimsical—these sorts of details fill your games with color and life. They engage the players, make encounters vivid and fun, and create moments your group will never forget.

And The Weird is full of them—literally thousands and thousands of specific suggestions you can pull straight from the book and inject into your adventures, encounters, and campaigns. Every chapter gives you advice on how to make a particular topic more interesting, then gives you literally hundreds of actionable ideas to run with. NPCs, creatures, places, magic items, gear, spells, abilities, names, appearances, backgrounds, plots, structures, vehicles—and yes, even player characters—each get a chapter. Make anything in your game more interesting!

And that’s not all: Journey into The Glimmering Valley!

We can’t really talk about “the weird” without bringing up our award-winning game Numenera. Numenera started it all for us ten years ago and is still going strong. It is, and always has been, weird. It’s full of surprising and even sometimes gonzo creatures, locations, characters, and more. But ten years of weird content can make the Ninth World a bit daunting. We’re often asked: how, with all this great material, do you choose where to start a Numenera campaign?

The Glimmering Valley brings you a fascinating and beautifully fleshed-out region from which to launch your Numenera campaign. It details an area designed specifically as the origin point of a group of eager explorers (you can set it almost anywhere in the Ninth World). It brings Numenera back to its roots and gives players a place to call home. A place to defend if and when it becomes threatened—and a springboard into the many splendors and dimensions of the broader Ninth World setting. And, being Numenera, the Glimmering Valley is weird.

The Glimmering Valley is purpose-built for launching Ninth World campaigns, but you don’t have to play Numenera to plunder this book for scores of interesting locales, peoples, events, and items for your fantasy campaign, no matter what game you’re playing.

Keep gaming weird. Get The Weird!

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