Kickstarter Updates!

Today we completed multiple portions of the store! I'm very excited that we got so much done. We have a lot more to do, but its nice to make such quick progress at once.

Our new Pinwheel display as well as a nice view of the cash wrap section!

Completing the pinwheel today was great because I had it almost completely constructed at the beginning of the week, but couldn't flip it over without multiple people to guide it to the upright position because those display sections aren't meant to bear that kind of weight.

Slatwall. The bane of our existence, but we did it. We got there

This was the main thing I wanted to complete today. Its a major piece of our display space and I'm happy its in place now. This is definitely a group project and it took all 5 of us to hang these 4x8' sections. It's difficult to keep it against the wall while also moving it around to make it level and against the other pieces that we'd hung previously. 

Shelves for our RPG area!

These were the easiest part of the day. Just some nice shelves for the RPG books we will be carrying! We've still got to move in the chairs and tables for this section. It will become a relaxing area for people to sit while not at a gaming table and read their recently purchased books. I look forward to making this area really cozy soon!

In the coming week: The table tops should be arriving Tuesday and we will have some really great updates then since we can start building the most crucial part of the store. Our gaming space will be the heart and soul of the store and we can't wait to share the progress we'll be making on it soon!

We appreciate your support :) If you haven't shared the project on social media consider helping us out by sharing and encouraging others in your gaming group to back us as well! Every dollar goes to making the store as great as we possibly can.