The Haven Games: A Store(s) Reborn

Happy Thursday everyone, James here.  Very excited for the coming weeks as my next step from Cards of Ivalice into The Haven Games approaches and we start hosting events!  A  frequently asked question that has come my way as of late has been if The Haven Games will be hosting Final Fantasy TCG events and supporting it, and of course we will!  With the launch of the Final Fantasy X Customer starters as well as the Opus 16 Pre-release Kits / Booster Boxes, we will be a major outlet for FFTCG support in Central Florida as well as providing product / singles for the game around the country.  Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for updates so that you don't miss out!

We will be making sure to host the same large competitive events and player meetups as was done with the Reunion series, and I look forward to seeing all of you including many of the new players that have recently joined the community.  I will also keep this blog active with my thoughts on upcoming product and giving notices on other events going on around the country in the FFTCG community.  Till next time!