Austerlitz 1805

Austerlitz 1805

Austerlitz 1805

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In December 1805, Emperor Napoleon I led about 67,000 men against about 75,000 Russian and Austrian troops near Brunn (modern Brno) in Bohemia, part of today’s Czech Republic. The battlefield, divided by hills and streams, became known as Austerlitz and would be celebrated as Napoleon’s greatest victory.

After fierce fighting amid the morning mists, the sun broke through the clouds. The French stormed the key Pratzen Heights, and after a bloody bayonet fight with the Russian troops manning the lines forced the Allied army into a disorganized retreat.

The 34"x22" map features not hexagons but irregular-sized areas which relate to the actual topography of the area being depicted. 198 counters in two sizes (2/3" square and 1 and 1/3"x2/3" long pieces) depict the infantry, cavalry, artillery units and the leaders so necessary in this activation system; the better leaders activate their troops more readily and more often.

This is a new rules set , bearing some resemblance to the earlier Napoleonic games by Avalanche Press, but also borrowing from their War of the States and Rome At War series.

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